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How the internet has changed in the past 10 years

Tuesday 1st April 2014 at 19:04
by Rob

Lots has happened to the internet in 10 years... are you taking advantage of it all...?

We've just given ourselves a brand new website to celebrate our 10th birthday. Here's some of the things that have changed in 10 years.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Tumblr launched

1) iPhones and iPads were invented. More and more websites are now responsive to make it easy for people to browse on phones and tablets

"Responsive" means a website adjusts itself to the type of device you're using. It's been popular since about 2012. It means you don't have to scroll in and out to browse a website and is a proven technique for keeping people on your website


£10.8 billion in 2004 to £87 billion in 2014

2) Internet shopping now tops out at £87 billion in the UK alone, up from £10.8 billion ten years earlier. That's an increase of more than 800% !


Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Tumblr launched

3) New domain name extensions are released to overcome the lack of available .com domain names

Have you got the best website address to help you get found by customers, and on Google?


Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Tumblr launched

4) Social networks including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr launched and now they're a part of daily life

Love it or hate it, social networks are important for any business

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Tumblr launched

5) Google's updates code named "Penguin", "Panda" and "Hummingbird" make a massive difference to the way that Google displays results

Has your website been updated in the last 12 months to keep up with all the latest changes in Google? If not, it's time to do so.


When was the last time you reviewed your website?


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