In a sea of other websites out there sometimes you need to stand out. We offer the tools to get your websites seen by the right people

Google Adwords

PPC Management

Get more clients from Google!
We help our clients grow their businesses using Google Adwords marketing.

Google Adwords now dominate the search engine results when you search for anything product related on Google, with at least of 50% of the visible portion of the page before scrolling down (known as “above the fold”) now taken up by Google Adwords which are the Pay Per Click (PPC) listings.

We have a proven track record of being able to take a budget, continuously optimise it, and provide you a return on your investment.

Our service includes advert design & creation, campaign setup and on-going optimisation, re-marketing, budget management, competitor analysis and research, and landing page creation and optimisation.

Facebook Advertising

Social Media PPC

We’ll help you get more clients using Facebook!
Facebook have a very powerful advertising system which allows you to advertise on Facebook. Using this we can help you find new customers of a particular age, gender, location and more.

Our service includes designing of the adverts, managing and setting up a campaign, and constant evolution of your campaign so you can drive more clients to your website, get them spending more money, and succeed online.

Bing ads

PPC Management

Get visitors from Bing spending money on your website.
Whilst many people imagine Google as the only relevant search engine to appear in, 33% of searches happen in Bing rather than Google.

Bing is Microsoft’s search engine, and is usually the default search engine setup using Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s Edge browser, and as standard when you get a fresh installation of Microsoft Windows.

Our Bing PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing service for Bing Ads is very similar to the service we offer for Google Adwords management and includes ad creation, campaign setup and optimisation, competitor analysis and research, together with landing page creation and optimisation.