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Showcase of new web design themes

Thursday 23rd November 2017 at 16:05
by Sharlotte

Earlier this year we released three lovely new design themes by the names of Mountain, Pygmy & Graceful.

For those of you who still haven't had chance to see the latest themes, please find screenshots and details below!


Introducing Mountain...

Mountain is the most popular of the new themes with it's screen-wide slideshow feature, large category boxes and small header. With its customisable fonts & colours you can create a look that is as simple or as fancy as you please! We have also added the ability to have a scrolling background image, to give the homepage on Mountain a bit of movement and variation


Example one

Strand House Interiors


Example two


Isabel Haines theme showcase



With it's full screen homepage image and translucent header, Pygmy has a striking yet minimalistic look to it. A lot of websites are migrating towards this big & bold appearance; perfect for those hi-resolution lifestyle images to showcase your items on your website.

Example one

Antiques Web design examplePygmy


Example two


New design theme showcase Pygmy



Graceful is the most image rich design theme we have. This theme is great for making a dramatic impact if you apply dark colours and statement fonts to it. However it can still be made to look quite minimal, with light colours and simple fonts added to it.

Example one

Georgia Lacey antiques and interiors


Example two


Harmans Oak Furniture

Our design themes

These three new themes are fully responsive as always and you can customise them by changing the colour scheme, fonts, text sizes, content and images to make them your own. Our themes are very flexible in terms of how you can make them look, ensuring that each one of our customers is able to make their website as unique as their business.


To browse more of our example websites please visit our portfolio page on by clicking the link below