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Website design Derby & London
Use Google, Social media, Portal Sites, ebay and Amazon to your advantage

Google Search Engine Marketing & AdWords

There are tons of companies promising they can deliver you success on Google; but how many of them actually deliver their promises?

The good news is that we’re a firm believer in “under promise, and over deliver”. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver great search engine marketing solutions that drive results to your business.

Whether that’s by using organic Search Engine Optimisation, AdWords, Pay-Per-Click advertising, or all the other jargonistic methods out there, we can help.


Ebay,Amazon & integration

Publish your items on ebay and Amazon right from your website with ease

Sell More
eBay Plus Amazon Plus Play

It’s important to use social media to your advantage

Instead of using it just because you feel you have to

We have extensive experience in understanding which solutions work best, and ignoring theones that don’t. Social Media is important, and it can make you more successful.

However just using it for the sake of it or having a Facebook page won’t necessarily get you anywhere. At ph9 we understand how to use it with your website to create hassle-free results.

Integrate with well known portal websites

We can integrate your website with a variety of portal website meaning when you add something to your own website, it will be added to others too promoting your business and bringing visitors to you. We have already integrated our websites with a variety of others, and can create integrations with other websites for you on request!

Decorative Collective


Right Move




Email marketing

Increase exposure and sales with every little effort using email marketing


Marketing pack and helping hand

We’ll help you make them your slave; rather than the other way around


As standard with our bespoke websites we include an on-launch marketing pack and a 3 month review to make sure you can get the most out of your website.

If you need more help whether it be with social media marketing, designing beautiful yet effective email campaigns, search engine optimisation, or putting together an adwords campaign then we can help.

Would you like extra sales?

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