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Website design Derby & London

Who we are - History

ph9 was started in 2004 by Rob Watson with the dream of making computers and the web work for the world. Rather than just a slogan, this is our fundamental ethos and ideology which we practice and strive to deliver every day.


Ever since the 1960's we've been dreaming of machines that will do our ironing, wash our clothes and vacuum the floors. In today's busy modern world the novelty of web designers, software vendors and PC manufacturers making our lives easier has been lost to corporate profiteering – all at the detriment to working and practical solutions. At ph9, we aim to be different and make computers and the web truly work for you. That's what it's all here for, right?


Since Rob started the company 14 years ago, he’s been able to deliver the dream of making computers and the web easy to use by:-

What we provide

As you can see from the links at the top of the site, we proudly deliver our vision by providing great:-

Timeline of events