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Nigel Slater

Nigel SlaterNigel SlaterNigel SlaterNigel Slater
Nigel Slater is a cook who writes. He is the author of a collection of bestselling books and presenter of five BBC1 television series, food columnist for The Observer for twenty years and has an award winning memoir; Toast - the Story of a Boy's Hunger which has won six major awards.

Nigel's requirements

Nigel's requirements were simple; he wanted a sleek, minimalist website which reflected what he does. Unlike many "TV Chefs", Nigel is insistent on being known as a cook who writes, so he wanted a site that reflected this.

The site

The solution was this site which we created for him back in 2007. It's simple, sleek and minimalist. It showcases his books, together with some of his recipes and information about his garden (Nigel grows his own Fruit, herbs and vegetables which feature on his TV series).

See for yourself

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