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New updates available in our Ready Made Websites now

Wednesday 5th October 2016 at 17:19
by Sam

Hi there,

There's a number of new features availble in our Ready Made Template websites right now. Here's the details of the key changes:-

New Themes

We've released the first 3 of 10 new website themes. All of our new themes take better advantage of the screen space available on most common computers/laptops and of course, are fully optimised for viewing on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

Find the new themes in your website manager under Design Colours & Layout > Choose a new theme

Please see the 3 new themes available below, we've mocked up a dummy Antiques store  in 3 different ways but kept the colour scheme consistent to show you how the store appears in each individual layout.


Theme 1 - Jackson

Theme 2 - Parson



Theme 3 - Meller


Introducing the new
Theme Manager

There is a lot more flexibility and choice with the new themes so we've created a new theme manager to allow you to change and update your website easily.

The new theme manager allows you preview a change before it goes live and actually see the change in the same screen. This means that making changes to your colour scheme is even simpler than before.

To access the new theme manager, in your website manager please goto:

Designs, Colours & Layout > edit a theme


Introducing the new
Navigation Manager

The new themes support drop down menus and more flexibility within the navigation bar of your website. The new Navigation Manager has been created so that changes to your navigation area are kept simple and easy.



Look out for future updates.
We have more new themes in development