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Merriments Gardens

Merriments GardensMerriments GardensMerriments Gardens
Merriments Gardens are a Garden Nursery, Shop, Restaurant and Landscaping business in East Sussex. We provided them with a website, membership system, Wifi system and email marketing platform

Before ph9 got involved:-

  • The client was having to spend a huge amount of manual time putting together mailing list to send out newsletters to all of their club members. It was an administrative nightmare
  • The website was very outdated, and couldn't be updated easily
  • Within the garden centre, data couldn't be shared easily

Our solutions

  • Back in 2008, we provided a new website with a fresh design and an easy to use content management system we custom built so they could keep the website up to date. We also trained them on how to use it.
  • Since then we also built a membership system to manage their thousands of club members. This involved:-
    • Desinging and having printed membership keycards with barcodes that could be easily fitted onto a keyring
    • Creating a cloud (web) based membership database system to manage all the members
    • Creating a system upon entrance of the gardens to scan members cards
    • Creating mailing list facilities to send out email and postal newsletters including printing of labels
  • We have also provided various IT solutions including centralised data storage and IT support

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