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Website design Derby & London

Luchford APM

Luchford APMLuchford APMLuchford APM
It is always a pleasure to work with ph9 and we would highly recommend them. They perfectly succeeded in giving shape to our ideas and thoughts, no matter how vague. Remaining friendly and professional at all times, and providing invaluable support with all our web projects.

About Luchford APM

Luchford APM are a PR company located just behind Tottenham Court Road in Central London. They have such clients Arsenal, Nespresso and B&Q.

What we've done for Luchford APM

We have provided the following web solutions for Luchford APM:-

  • Website design & development
  • A web-based file management solution so that they can share press releases and press photography for their clients and big events
  • An email marketing facility

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