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Website design Derby & London

Hilary Batstone

Hilary BatstoneHilary BatstoneHilary Batstone
A new upgraded website that is fully mobile and tablet responsive. This website also includes a bespoke back office system built into ph9's easy to use Website Manager

About the website

Hilary Batstone is an Antiques Dealer with a shop in Holbein Place, London who has a distintive and well known style.

ph9 were pleased to be commissioned for a 2nd time to create a website that extended Hilary's style and well established brand on the internet. Our brief was to ensure that the general look and feel in the design remained consistent with the shop and also to ensure that it communicated that look on all mobile devices in response to today's popular methods of connecting to the internet.

We were also required to add some back office functionality to our easy to use website manager (also known as a content management system or CMS) to help the business become more streamlined and reduce administration time.

You can visit the website at the link below, Hilary's shop in Holbein Place or Hilary & Nicola are often seen exhibiting at Battersea Decorative Fair.

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This website is one of the websites we have designed for Antiques Dealers. For more information about our sites specifically for Antiques Dealers, please visit

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