7 reasons to maintain consistency in your company branding

7 reasons to maintain consistency in your company branding

Tuesday 8th January 2019 at 08:58

By Olivia

How can you make your business memorable, get clients coming back, and attract new ones?

Through consistent branding!

Customers buy from companies that they trust and so ensuring that your branding is strong and consistent is crucial to your success. It makes your company look more premium, and if your branding is memorable then you will more likely be picked out of the bunch.

Whether you sell to the trade, or to private clients, developing and maintaining branding will benefit your business.

Consistent branding is important


1) Consistent branding has a psychological effect on clients

I know it all sounds very 'conspiracy theory-esque' but hear me out! The more your branding is seen, whether it's intentional or not, the closer you are to being remembered.

On average the human brain needs to see something at least 15 times to be able to remember it, so if you end up changing your branding colours, typefaces and visuals over and over or just using whatever you can get your hands on then you're much less likely to be remembered, because people won't recgonise you.

However if people happen to see your logo, or visuals over and over and they are recognisable and in line with your branding, people will eventually move past being 'aware' of your brand to remembering it. You will have 'branded' an impression by using consistency

Let's take Coca Cola for example their branding has been consistent since they first launched over 130 years ago in 1886 just take a look below.

consistent branding

2) Consistency makes your brand feel more trustworthy

Whether you'd believe it or not, having inconsistencies in your branding is one of the fastest & easiest ways to break trust with your buyers.

Consistent branding can also help your business feel more premium, and help you get better prices for your items.

Let's say your Instagram account is filled with all of your new up to date branding, but then someone receives a business card that was roughly created 3 years ago and has no aspect that is reflective of your brand, or they click to your website from your Instagram and your website has your old or completely different logo on it, you may lose the trust of the person. Plus, there's a lot less chance they'll remember who's stock they were looking at.

5 reasons for consistent branding

3) It's NOT just a logo!

The basics of a brand consist of:-

  • A logo
  • A consistent typeface (aka "font")
  • Consistent colour palette

For example, besides your logo you might choose to use the font Merriweather, and always have it in a particular shade of grey.

4) Be the go to company

Once you have built your brand awareness, you then have the opportunity to build authority and become the expert in your field.

You are able to build authority when you have created a great brand with a clear and strong message about what you do, a great reputation and deliver great services  or products consistently.

You will then be the name on everyone's lips to recommend in your industry and become the go-to company for what you do.

builds authority

5) Returning clients... and future profits!

A strong brand can help guarantee future business

If your brand is memorable then clients are more likely to come back to you, and return to buy more!

You get in what you put out... so the more effort you put into your branding, the better financial return you'll get from it in the long run.

why you should have consistent branding

6) Attract new clients

Consistent branding can help your business get word of mouth recommendation & referrals. Your branding will help with getting newer custom just as much as it will help with repeat custom.

The most profitable companies, small and large, have a single thing in common; they have established themselves as a leader in their particular industry by building a strong brand, starting with a strong logo.

consistent branding importance

7) Example of consistent branding

Here is an example of our client BPM Reclamation. As you can see they have a very distinctive and memorable logo. They use it on their website, their instagram, their business cards, their shop sign..... everywhere!

Their website

bpm reclamation consistent branding


Their Instagram

bpm reclamation consistent branding


Their business cards

BPM Business cards consistent branding


Their shop sign

bpm reclamation shop front consistent branding


We can certainly tell a difference between how well websites and businesses with a decent and consistent brand perform versus those without.

If you don't have a consistent brand, we'd thoroughly recommend you do!

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By Olivia
Tuesday 8th January 2019 at 08:58

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